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Distrito La Selva Selva Norte

Tulum: the favorite real estate destination for Americans

Mexico is the latest number one real estate destination for Americans and foreigners. According to Softec, a real estate consultant, sales of luxury beachfront apartments totaled 11,000 units sold in 2021 in the Mexican Republic. Since the pandemic began, Americans were tempted to live in Mexico. The majority thought it was going to be for a short period of time, but they started noticing that living in Mexico is way cheaper than living in the United States. And not only the prices, also the incredible climate and beautiful beaches have made every American fall in love with our country. The Riviera Maya is the place where more Americans and Canadians have bought real estate, this is mainly because in the north of the country the cities have been boosted by inflation and interest rates of the United States.

I will name two developments that are a great option for real estate in Tulum:


Real Estate Destination Selva Norte 

Selva Norte is a residential development only 5 minutes away from downtown, 15 minutes away from the beach and 20 minutes away from the airport. With incredible amenities such as: two cenotes inside the residential development, a yoga and workin space, a gym, an incredible restaurant, pool, kids play area and more. These condos have the cheapest square meter of Tulum, offering you a lock-off system. This lock-off system will increase your investment, this system is known in the real estate business, by a time-share unit that is in the same condo but with two dwelling distinct units. This development offers an annual ROI of 12.75%, which is calculated on an average of 65% of monthly occupancy. An incredible option for anyone who is looking for a place to stay in Tulum


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Real Estate Destination Distrito La Selva

Distrito La Selva is a different concept of Selva Norte. Providing you, instead of condos, incredible houses for you to live in. Located in downtown Tulum, 10 minutes away from the beach, these incredible houses are personalized to your style, if you want you can include all the extras that we have to offer, like: the bungalow, the roof garden for the bungalow and the roof garden for the house. The bungalow could be used as a guest room or as a lock-off system. Whereas the lock-off system will provide you a profit so if you are trying to gain some money back from your investment this would be the perfect option for you. With a ROI of 11.91%, with a 50% of annual occupancy. Consider Distrito La Selva a become one of the many Americans that have already bought their real estate destination in Mexico. You will not regret it! 


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